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As a well-known personal trainer in the Hills, Tiger Liu always endeavours towards helping others within the local community to live a positive and healthy lifestyle. 


Tiger understands and he is committed and passionate about voicing, educating and actioning the following aspects within our community:

1. To build more fitness or exercise spaces within community parks - 
These public facilities will act to provide a convenient and accessible means of Tiger’s values in promoting staying socially connected within our community whilst living a healthy lifestyle 24/7. 


2. To improve peak hour traffic to and from school - 
Understanding the headache school traffic causes, Tiger encourages the hiring of more volunteers as traffic coordinators during those busy morning and afternoon times across schools to reduce the traffic jams. 

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3. To organise more accessible recreational activities for the elderly -  
Tiger also stresses the significance of providing access and availability of recreational activities such as health seminars for the elderly in our community as well as offering home visit for those with disabilities.


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